Kettlebrook WMC

We are pleased to say that Kettlebrook WMC in Tame St have kindly raised the funds and donated them to Tamworth Have A Heart for a defibrillator to be installed on the outside of their premises in Tame Street. The unit was installed and made operational on 13th March, making Kettlebrook a safer place to be in Tamworth. As well as being available to the local residents and the members and visitors of the club, it is in close proximity to the Lamb Football Ground. Well done and a million thanks to Kettlebrook Working Mens Club for raising the money and siting the defibrillator (AED) which is available 24 hours per day. This is the fourteenth defibrillator installed as part of our campaign and brings the total in Tamworth Area to 31 units. Let’s make Tamworth even safer. Out of hospital cardiac arrest still have a low resuscitation rate due to public fear of causing harm or not sure of what to do. Doing CPR (basic life support)

IMG_1694 Kettlebrook wmc
Kettlebrook WMC

and using an AED improves survival rates massively, so book a training session now!

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