Tamworth Herald Have a Heart Campaign

The Tamworth Herald kick-started our campaign good and proper on 28th April with a front page and full inside page report on what we are trying to achieve and helping us to muster support.



After seeing this article, Herald reader Tony Hall contacted the newspaper to tell them his story of how he suffered a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by three local girls and two police officers and a defibrillator. His heart was beating by the time the ambulance arrived. Tony has offered to site a defibrillator on his home.

As a result of this article, several local companies have come forward including Seams and Dreams, offering to house a unit and Heritage Electricals hoping to hold fund-raising events in the future.

In May, Herald reporter Nick Reid turned his hand from the pen to the AED to see how easy they really are to use. Not only did he report the session in detail in the paper but also published a video of the session. Nick stated that it really was as easy as ABC and felt completely confident in using one should the need arise.

Subsequent articles have raised the interest further with people such as Nick Taroni, who suffered multiple cardiac arrests but is alive today thanks to good quality CPR and Defibrillation, coming forward to tell their story and offer their support to the campaign.

In July, David Cross backed the campaign, telling how he survived a heart attack in November and having an implantable cardioverter defibrillator placed in his chest to protect him in the future. David praised the NHS and the efforts of Good Hope Hospital and Heartlands Hospital when he said how important he feels defibrillators in public places are. He appealed to businesses in Tamworth to consider placing a device on their premises.

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